Queer tango goes to Russia

4 min. 20 sec.

The film documents two years in the life of Russian gay couple Misha and Otar organizing Queer Tango events in St. Petersburg. They introduce an alternative way of dancing to the traditional tango community in Russia. Their dream is to hold an international Queer Tango festival during the summer. Founders of the Queer Tango Festival in Paris, Céline and Federico, give them advice and prepare for their trip to St. Petersburg. Another outstanding representative of the Queer Tango community is Ray Batchelor from London, who reads lectures about the history of Queer Tango and gives Queer Tango workshops to football teams, and meanwhile plans the trip to the festival? 

Now, the best Queer Tango dancers from around the world are traveling to Russia for the Queer Tango Festival in St. Petersburg. A journey they choose to make despite the harsh anti-LGBTQ policies of contemporary Russia, policies which prove to be a real challenge for both the dancers and the Russian festival managers.

Author / Director  - Aleksandr M. Vinogradov
Cinematography by Tanya Haurylchyk
Edited by Anna Sauvchenko
Produced by Frederk Nicolai - OffWorld Production
Co-produced by VideoVam
Music by Volco&Gignoli 

Stage of the project: post-production.  
We are looking for investors or partners / co-producers / distributors and broadcasters for the project.