VideoVam is a film production company based in Brussels, founded in 2014 by Aleksandr M. Vinogradov. Aleksandr was working as a creative director in an advertisement agency in Moscow for several years before he founded the company. The main challenge for VideoVam is to develop and to explore new visual artistic media. The company produces creative documentaries, visual art, corporate films and animation. 


Aleksandr M. Vinogradov is a Karelian film director, born in the North of Russia. He moved to Moscow in 2002 where he started to work as a graphic designer. In 2012 graduated the Humanitarian Institute of TV with honors and presented his graduation film “Five Steps of Butoh”. The film got Grad Prix, Best Documentary and Best Cinematography awards at Telemania film festival and was screened on several festivals in Europe. The following year he directed films for TV channels in Russia. In 2014 was working as a second unit director for a BBC feature documentary “Robbie Williams: Fans Journey to Tallinn”. In 2012 started a documentary filmmaker’s master program DocNomads. The film “Call Me Chaos” was his graduation work from the program having premiered at Visions Du Reel in 2016. Currently he is working on a feature documentary “Queer tango goes to Russia” about the LGBTQ dance movement in St. Petersburg, as well as making a creative documentary “BARE” about a modern dance performance by Thierry Smits.